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A New Semester; the Usual Terror.

Tomorrow is the beginning of the second semester of the four semester graduate program I am enrolled in, and I am terrified. This freak out is nothing terribly new; I tend to do this at the beginning

The Gift I Give to my Children.

As an overextended mother of three children who is in graduate school, I compensate for my decline in attention throughout the school year by taking the kids on adventures. We love our adventures together because we might

The Way Life Seems to Happen…Sometimes

Yesterday At 6AM I was awakened by two alarms going off, mine and my boyfriend’s. In the basement of a house in Centennial Colorado we were slowly rising and packing our last minute items for our return

The Silverfox and the Young Blonde

In an impromptu move I took the kids to the public pool yesterday. It was an easy $5 few hours of family entertainment. They loved it. At one point my daughter joined me on the towel (amidst

Too Long…How I Know.

It has been far far too long since I have written a vow; Since I have written anything actually. Which is not really good for me…one who writes; one who thinks, questions, reads, and learns. How I

“It’s Your Turn”

In my never-ending attempt to entertain my toddlers throughout the day, I took them to a free music class this morning at the library. In a room full of parents and toddlers, mine were the only two


I waste too much energy on being upset when someone does not do what I say, acknowledge what I say, or listen to what I say. I know this is triggered from getting what I deem so


As my nightly – hourly? – struggle to get some sleep continues with my nine-month old daughter, somewhere through the grogginess some Ancient Buddhist wisdom crept in and reminded me of a huge source of my misery.

Today I Vow to Stop Resisting, if Only For a Moment.

A struggle I experience often in recent days stems from my nightly battles with my precious 9-month old daughter. I breastfeed and co-sleep with her, making the breast ever-available to her as she pleases. This works for