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I Hit 40. And I Don’t Give a F*CK!

Turning 40 last year was awesome! I finally had a degree under my belt, found myself in my first healthy relationship, kids are healthy and well, no one has died (recently), and I was waiting to begin

If You Don’t Like Me I Mostly Don’t Care, but it Still Hurts a Little.

I received a unexpected message from a girlfriend who listed many ways in which she loved me. While it felt wonderful to read several clear reasons why she loved me at the top of the list were

Love is a Verb; Snoopy gave me proof.

Because I have too much time on my hands these days I can now return to my regularly scheduled over thinking and self-analysis. And because relationships, connections, and what defines love and friendship have been on my

What is Love?

What is Love? This topic has been rolling around in my brain in some aspect for last few years. I didn’t narrow down the question until only recently, but I realize the question really has to do

This week’s running theme (apparently): Marriage. Eek.

The first night I met my boyfriend I decided to share a recent declaration I had made to my Facebook audience: I deserved a real wedding, one day. I showed him the dress and the ring and

This Man Deserves a Post (Warning: sex talk in here.)

A couple years ago a private message on Facebook popped up from a guy whom I had gone to high school with. We had been connected on Facebook for quite some time but he was very quiet,

What do I “owe” the passing stranger?

This week was an exciting week: I began graduate school at Arizona State University. My classes and internship take me to downtown Phoenix four days a week, an area I love passionately. In between classes on Friday I walked

The Most Recent Time I Thought Suicide was a Brilliant Idea.

Sometime around the end of 2008/ beginning 2009 I found myself in the minivan in the garage of my beautiful home with a big pregnant belly, a daughter who was around a year and a half old,

Intruders and Trials

He took my hands. We were both trembling. He apologized but I assured him there was no need for an apology, he didn't DO anything wrong! And, I am old enough to understand that this is of

Saying No to the Discomfort of Shoes….and Friendships.

Let me ask you this: how many pairs of shoes do you own that are adorable and you wanted so badly that you constantly justify the fact that they don’t quite fit? They match an outfit perfectly