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This Man Deserves a Post (Warning: sex talk in here.)

A couple years ago a private message on Facebook popped up from a guy whom I had gone to high school with. We had been connected on Facebook for quite some time but he was very quiet,

Sixteen Years Old, he would be.

Having friends with sixteen year old boys I can only imagine what my son would be like today: Getting his license soon, voice changing, facial hair sprouting; What would he be excelling at in school? What would

Intruders and Trials

He took my hands. We were both trembling. He apologized but I assured him there was no need for an apology, he didn't DO anything wrong! And, I am old enough to understand that this is of


Last week I started writing about commitment and how I don’t know how the concept works, what it looks like, or how it feels. Basically, I’m clueless on the concept. I was writing on and on about

After the Talk…Installing Training Wheels.

After some sleep Saturday night I awoke at 5 – yes, even with the light-blocking curtains! Watched a little mindless television, wrote, IM’d with a girlfriend, went down and had some breakfast. Did I mention I was

Lessons and Gifts

In the past year, I have had three significant (dramatic) relationships come and go. And they are each significant in their own ways. More than that, they were each massively important for me to get where I

Not So Long Ago

There was a time, not so long ago, that I was unable to feel. It was a lifelong coping mechanism that I had developed and was cemented when my son died and I was almost killed in

“Deferred Grieving via Necessity”

These have been some crazy, insane days indeed. My husband of ten years, father of our three children, moved out several weeks ago. We are divorcing. After seven months of intense psychotherapy – same therapist, individual visits

The Optimistic Rage Warrior

rage [reyj] noun 1. angry fury; violent anger. 2. a fit of violent anger. 3. fury or violence of wind, waves, fire, disease, etc. 4. violence of feeling, desire, or appetite: the rage of thirst. 5. a violent desire or passion. Anger

Hiking Through the Running of Life

For the month of April I had dedicated myself to improving my life physically and emotionally. What’s 30 days in the grand scheme of life? I purchased the Brazil Butt Lift DVD’s. It came with a 60