These Days Right Here.

What an amazing experience it is to intentionally become a congruent and feeling person. It has not been easy and without pain, and I am by no means done or complete, but relative to the fragmented person I was, my life is a miracle. I am creating the life I want.

I graduate with my first degree in a couple months then onto graduate school. My kids are happy, well-adjusted and healthy. My ex-husband and I are friends, and this past weekend I had my ex-husband and my new Man in the same room together – a few times – and we all got along perfectly well. Both men are named Chris, which yes, is hysterical. My second and third husbands were both Chris and the one boyfriend in between the two husbands was named Chris also. Apparently I have a subconscious thing for Chrises.

Dating this man, I knew early on he was someone significant and safe. What I understood even more clearly was that if it didn’t work out we are both mature enough to walk away and wish each other well. He had alrea

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