Monthly Archive:: May 2014

After the Talk…Installing Training Wheels.

After some sleep Saturday night I awoke at 5 – yes, even with the light-blocking curtains! Watched a little mindless television, wrote, IM’d with a girlfriend, went down and had some breakfast. Did I mention I was

The Talk.

After writing and processing with a couple friends, making many interesting realizations, I called him last night. The only thing he has asked since the breakup was that I talk to him and I always refused. Freaking

The Pain: The Feeling of the End.

The breakup was Wednesday. I was still in shock Thursday, or at least not really feeling anything yet. But yesterday, Friday, hurt. And it hurt bad. The tears were plentiful and the sobs could not be stopped.

What I learned from this last one.

It’s over. Made it almost ten months; a pretty good run in my book. A relationship that was so close, a relationship that was, for the first time, what felt like The One, a real partnership. But