Too Long…How I Know.

It has been far far too long since I have written a vow; Since I have written anything actually. Which is not really good for me…one who writes; one who thinks, questions, reads, and learns.

How I know it’s time for me to start writing again: I can hear a narrator in my head at all times. Not just to run-of-the-mill voices we all hear…we all hear them right? But the voice that is making observations and thinks someone else might be able to appreciate them as well.

Since I have written I have given birth to another son, Thatcher. He was born at home in my tub. It was incredible. No, I am not brave. I am not an incredible woman. I am disillusioned by Western Medicine. And I am angry at the media for playing a large role in convincing women they are incapable of birthing babies naturally. As if millions of years of birthing babies suddenly was found to be the most absurd concept ever heard of in the past 200 years. And if you don’t believe in evolution: the past 2500-ish years of birthing babies…

I’m also compassionate towards these tiny infants who are the most dependable and helpless mammals on earth. Isn’t it ironic that a pregnant woman can take no more than regular strength Tylenol while pregnant, is encouraged to stop drinking caffeine, is treated with kit-gloves..and yet, during labor and birth, it’s perfectly acceptable to pump the mother full of drugs, even directly into her spine (?!) without a second thought when doctors and nurses tell her, “It won’t harm the baby.” Huh?

Yes, yes, yes, of course I *know* there are situations that require a c-section. But it is not anywhere near as necessary as is practiced in the United States.

For me, it was the least I could do: sacrifice one day out of my entire life to bring this precious baby into the world drug free.

For others, they would never dream of attempting such a thing, or they blindly listen to their doctors and all the excuses given to do nothing more than implant fear and doubt into the pregnant mother’s mind. (you do know epidurals and c-sections bring a lot more money into the pockets of the doctor, staff, and hospital, right? And in this day and age of “I’m gonna sue you!”, the doctors and hospitals sadly have their hands tied, really tight, by the insurance companies.)

As you can see I am still working on that non-judgmental thing – clearly I need to go back and read that Vow. If I haven’t written one yet, let me do some exploration.

Oh ya, and I’m not stupid either, for giving birth at home. The only hospital around here to deliver babies has an extremely high rate of infection and their reputation precedes them for being completely discouraging of natural childbirth. In fact, there is really only one doctor in the area that will even take on a client – with open arms – who wants to pursue a natural delivery, and he’s over the mountain!

So I found a midwife – but I’ll save that story for another time.

Today, I Vow to be more present in myself through my writing and to explore how to be more accepting of other women and their decisions on how they bring their children into the world.

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