Monthly Archive:: February 2008


I waste too much energy on being upset when someone does not do what I say, acknowledge what I say, or listen to what I say. I know this is triggered from getting what I deem so


As my nightly – hourly? – struggle to get some sleep continues with my nine-month old daughter, somewhere through the grogginess some Ancient Buddhist wisdom crept in and reminded me of a huge source of my misery.

Today I Vow to Stop Resisting, if Only For a Moment.

A struggle I experience often in recent days stems from my nightly battles with my precious 9-month old daughter. I breastfeed and co-sleep with her, making the breast ever-available to her as she pleases. This works for

Today I Vow to Pay Attention

Do you ever find yourself paying attention….to yourself? Or are you mostly paying attention to other people, tv shows, the radio, or your thoughts? What about paying attention to how your body responds to all of these

Today I vow to spend five minutes forgiving…

Once today, if only for five minutes, I invite you to hold a forgiveness ceremony is your head. No one else needs to know. This is not for anyone else – only you. I did this recently

Today I Vow to Do One Thing Different

Just for today, maybe only once, do something different. Humans are creatures of habit. Many of us find ourselves in a rut of everyday living. Just for today, I invite you to stretch your brain; shake things