I struggle with acceptance: Accepting my life. Accepting my family and friends. Accepting decisions others make. Accepting decisions I make. So I wonder what that is that makes me believe that the decisions I make for myself

This Mommy Stuff

I have a thought that I’m scared to articulate, but it hit me clear as a bell today…. as I struggle with this Mommy stuff (refereeing, medical, school, homework, short order cook, stylist…don’t get me started on

Big F’ing Massive Changes and Events on the Horizon… Again.

In this moment exactly one year ago I was in the first few weeks of the 2012 fall semester at ASU West. I had not been in school for many years – although there was a short

The Lessons Just Keep on Coming!

“Katie hates being excluded.” These words were spoken to me while in a session with my therapist this past year while I was struggling trying to figure out why a situation was so upsetting to me. Such

These Days Right Here.

What an amazing experience it is to intentionally become a congruent and feeling person. It has not been easy and without pain, and I am by no means done or complete, but relative to the fragmented person

The Feeling is Where Its At

When I was finally ready to do my painful, deep grief work, and when I finally found the right therapist for me in that moment, I would find myself frozen in terror: I didn’t want to feel.

A more typical Sunday than I’d like.

Yesterday started out well. Beautiful March Sunday in Phoenix. I woke up with a wild hair to bake some scones. It happens. Then made the last minute decision to take the kids and the Man to the

It wasn’t long ago that I believed a relationship was about finding someone I could tolerate, keeping the deep dark stuff hidden, sacrificing and justifying who I really was, and pretending to be someone they could tolerate

There are few things I would say I am a master of. I know I can bake, I guess I would say I master amateur baking. Along with amateur photography, sometimes writer (although I would never call

Why won’t that heartbreak leave me alone?!

I dated Dan for five weeks just about two years ago, but dammit all, if I can’t get that hurt out of my heart! The hurt of that breakup was excruciating; I cried every single day for