“Is this tampon a joke?”

My day began in the the arms of my amazing lover across the street in his saggy bed. My bed is too hard so we really can’t win when it comes to the spending-the-night thing. But having

Sixteen Years Old, he would be.

Having friends with sixteen year old boys I can only imagine what my son would be like today: Getting his license soon, voice changing, facial hair sprouting; What would he be excelling at in school? What would

What I did for summer vacation.

Sometime around May or June of this past summer I knew I needed something to do. At this point I don’t recall how I came across the idea, but I looked into volunteering at a local hospital.

What do I “owe” the passing stranger?

This week was an exciting week: I began graduate school at Arizona State University. My classes and internship take me to downtown Phoenix four days a week, an area I love passionately. In between classes on Friday I walked

The Most Recent Time I Thought Suicide was a Brilliant Idea.

Sometime around the end of 2008/ beginning 2009 I found myself in the minivan in the garage of my beautiful home with a big pregnant belly, a daughter who was around a year and a half old,

The Way Life Seems to Happen…Sometimes

Yesterday At 6AM I was awakened by two alarms going off, mine and my boyfriend’s. In the basement of a house in Centennial Colorado we were slowly rising and packing our last minute items for our return

The Silverfox and the Young Blonde

In an impromptu move I took the kids to the public pool yesterday. It was an easy $5 few hours of family entertainment. They loved it. At one point my daughter joined me on the towel (amidst

Intruders and Trials

He took my hands. We were both trembling. He apologized but I assured him there was no need for an apology, he didn't DO anything wrong! And, I am old enough to understand that this is of

When you are sleeping with the man across the street…

About a year ago I began dating the man across the street. You may have heard of him, he is: Martial Arts Man (MAM), or, “really insanely hot incredible man who has healed me in countless ways.”Anyway,

Oh, You Mean You Want me to *Say* it?!

Within this romantic relationship that is clearly and smoothly moving forward, both my boyfriend and I acknowledge and accept that we are both basically engulfed in fear. Not so much paralyzed, but fully aware of the demons